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The management block Between the entering information (from various gauges) and injection valves there is an electronic block of management. Depending on existing conditions of loading and temperature it directs absolutely certain quantity of fuel to the engine. With that end in view the management block varies duration of opening of valves of injection operated an electromagnetic way. The quantity of injected fuel can change only at the expense of duration of injection. The information for definition of duration of injection arrives in the block of management from various knots, it: Only in the engine of 2,8 l with MPI: a measuring instrument of a stream of fresh air; from it the information on quantity of soaked up air arrives. Only in the engine 2,6 with MPFI: the gauge of temperature of soaked up air; in a combination to the gauge of pressure of air in an inlet collector (in the management block) it gives comparative size of soaked up/oh quantity/weight of air. The gauge of temperature of a cooling liquid; it delivers comparative size of temperature of the engine. Potentiometer throttle заслонки ; from it the information on loading on the engine arrives. The gauge of number of turns; it transmits a signal about number of turns коленвала . The signal about engine start arrives from the plug 50 locks of ignition (starter). Ljambda-probes send a signal about correctness of structure of a toplivno-air mix. Other sizes influencing, arrive from: sensor controls of a detonation, a transmission, a speedometer and if is, from climatic installation. Injection valves In the channel всасывания each cylinder of the engine takes places on one valve of injection. It submits quantity of fuel necessary at present to each cylinder and simultaneously provides thin dispersion of gasoline. Valves are put in action in the electromagnetic way. Thus dosing out needle rises in the saddle approximately on 0,1 mm – fuel can flow. Distributive tube of fuel It serves for uniform giving of fuel to all valves of injection. Besides, the distributive tube functions as a collector and thanks to it does not suppose pressure fluctuations. The tube form is interesting кольцевидная , allowing to submit fuel to all to six valves. Regulator of pressure of fuel It settles down behind on the right on a distributive tube of fuel and should keep constant pressure of fuel in a distributive tube. It provides it by increase or reduction of quantity of the fuel flowing on рециркуляционной to a tube. If comes back more fuel, pressure goes down; at small return of fuel it rises. At the expense of connection of a vacuum hose the pressure regulator simultaneously receives the information on a loading condition on the engine. At full loading it lifts pressure a little more. As a result of it it is injected more fuel which the engine requires for total power achievement. The fuel pump and the relay In more details you learn about the fuel pump with the electric drive, the relay of the fuel pump and other relays MPI/MPFI in the head the Fuel tank and the fuel pump . Measuring instrument of pressure of fresh air Only MPI In a stream of soaked up air the wire which heats up an electric way is placed. Depending on weight of soaked up air the stream of air which cools a wire more strongly or more poorly changes. Temperature change causes change of resistance of a wire, and it is measured by the management block. The gauge of pressure of air in an inlet collector Only MPFI The gauge of pressure of air in an inlet collector is in the block of management MPFI. The inlet collector and the gauge incorporate among themselves a thin hose. For the block of management pressure of air in an inlet collector is the major information for loading calculation on the engine. It influences duration of injection and at the moment of ignition.